The pain in my ass is getting on my nerves!

I'd been healing through pelvic pain with yoga before I knew I needed healing from pelvic pain. You could literally sell me any self-massage device even though I already have them all and just about any alternative or experimental "feel good" product so that I could just feel normal for once. I would spend every last dime I had - to feel good! I imagine people who have not dealt with chronic pain wouldn't really know what I mean by that. The pain in my lower back has always been sciatica to me. Shockingly, I've just become aware that there are more nerves and muscles then the sciatic nerve and pirirformis muscle that can dysfunction down there.

The pain deep in my buttocks, radiates through my left hip and groin, lower left abdomen and down my left leg right all the way to the toes. There has been varying degrees of this pain over the last few decades, some worse than others, but somehow I always managed to motor on. Well, I woke up on Family Day 2021, and holy crap - the pain was excruciating. IT felt like my leg was being electrocuted. I couldn't thinking of anything else. I left a voicemail for my doctor and got on the internet and started to book acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, the whole nine! While the acupuncture and massage I got helped I could not sit down, stand and lay without excruciating pain. I got in to see my doctor the following day and got some anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers, which I hate, but seriously needed to function at all.

I am waiting on an MRI, which is about a 6 week wait - but my my physiotherapist is calling it like she sees it - pelvic floor hypertonicity. The likely culprit, my obturator internus! Apparently that muscle isn't functional at all on the left side of my body and is spasm and unable to let go. Mama's about to learn whole new massage technique.

I've suffered from back pain for as long as I can remember - It's just something that I've learned to live with but I feel like I just found a key piece to the puzzle and have a new found sense of hope despite my new found limp.

I've always found stretching the piriformis muscle helpful so I will keep at it as well as deep pelvic breathing to help release my OI that might be holding onto everything else, starting with my piriformis!

The pain in my ass has literally got on my last nerve - pun intended!

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